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Manfred Schmelzer

By his love to music he started a passionate analysis of this job. Particularly the working with wind instruments became the center of his life. First it was Manfred Schmelzer’s priority to sell instruments including the repair and service of metal wind instruments. He has been working in this special field for approximately 30 years. He has achieved profound specialist knowledge, that is well-known and appreciated in and outside Germany.

In the cause of the years he has accumulated a treasure of experience, which is very useful for advising his customers and for selling and servicing the instruments. Because of the increase of assembly-line production of instruments, he gradually came to the idea to return to the traditional production of trombones in high-quality.

Line of Trombones
High Quality

In the following years he developed his own line of high quality trombones, handmade, with greatly improved sound, for which he used the finest materials available today. Very quickly the fame of the Schmelzer Trombones, of which he has developed 5 models to this day, spread among the experts, who took to them with enthusiasm. In the meantime, they are sold all over the world.


Especially in the field of music the choice of a good instrument that satisfies a musician’s expectations is dependent on good and competent advice, particularly when professional musicians are critical and discriminating in their choice of instruments. A musical instrument always should meet the individual request of the musicians. It is this fundamental attitude which has been represented from the beginning in “Schmelzer Musical Instruments, Specialist Shop for Wind Instruments and Brass”.

That’s why great value is placed on good, individual and technical advice as well as on the modification and service of instruments. Furthermore it is very important to advise the customers in their choice of the mouthpieces as this is essential to play an instrument optimally.

As beginners don’t have any idea what has to be taken into account when buying a wind instrument, we take special care to advise them.