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Tienda especializada en Trombones y Trompetas

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Tienda especializada en Trombones y Tompetas

Especialmente en el campo de la música, la elección de un buen instrumento que satisfaga las expectativas de un músico depende de un buen y competente asesoramiento, especialmente cuando los músicos profesionales son críticos y exigentes en la elección de sus instrumentos. Un instrumento musical siempre debe satisfacer la solicitud individual de los músicos. Es esta actitud fundamental la que se ha representado desde el principio en «Instrumentos musicales Schmelzer, tienda especializada en Trombones y Trompetas».

Trombones para música clásica y jazz.

años de experiencia

Fabricando y vendiendo
Trombones y Trompetas 



Modelo Nr.1

Bore 0,500" Bell 195 cm-in Yellow Brass.Goldbrass Satin Gold, silver plated/inside Gold

Modelo Nr.2

Bore 0,508" 8" Bell in Yeollw Brass,Gold brass Silver/gold

Modelo Nr.3

Bore 0,525 Bell 8,5" in Yellow BRass,Goldbrass,Copper,Gold Plated

Modelo Nr.4

Bore 0,547″ 8,5 » Bell

Modelo Nr.5

Bass Tb nr. 5 Bore 0,562″ 9″ Bell Open Flow Gold Brass & Silver




Mouthpiecemaker and Player by Artie Shaw Band. Air of Note ect.
Plays a Schmelzer nr. 1 Trombone Goldplated.

Doug Elliot

I play the Horn for 10 years every day. I like the sound and how easy it speaks.

Chris BarberGreat Britain

"This is the Horn of my Dreams!!"
Schmelzer Modell nr.3 Copper

Greg BoyerMaceo Parker & Prince

I've played just about every trombone on the market, but I must say that my Schmelzer Model Nr. 2 Trombone tops them all."
"...The first time that I tried it I knew right away that this trombone is something out of the ordianry. It has a beautiful warm sound. It speaks so easy ant its sound is so full that the instrument vibrates in your hands when you play it.
When I play fast lines on it, it responds quicker and more accurately than any other horn that I've ever tried. Its intonation is almost magical. I did not think it was possible to make a trombone so well in tone.... To sum it up: Fellow trombone players: This is the instrument we've all been waiting for!...
P.S. It looks great too. D.S.

Bertil Strandbergplays w. Stockholm Jazz Orch. Jazz Baltica Orch.

Mot Manfred
J`ai essayé presque tous les trombones sur le marché, mais mon Schmelzer Modèle1 reste mon préféré. C`est un trombone extraordinaire, il possède toutes les qualités que ce soit au niveau du son, de la facilité d'émission ou de la coulisse très légère et facile à manier. De plus, c'est un très bel instrument.
I thoroughly enjoy playing it!!
Thank you Manfred
Claude Remacle

Claude RemacleFirst Trombone with "Radio Orchester Brüssel, Belgien"

Modell 1 - Sterling Silber
Ausschnitt aus der CD: "Joe Wulf Quintett - Live at the Stellwerk"
Der Sound hat auf Grund des Materials einen brillanten Klang.

Joe WulfDeutschland