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New member of the Schmelzer Trombones family

Jose Moraga

Jose, from an early age begins to grow and dabble in the world of music, becoming nowadays a recognized trombonist, arranger and composer in Chile.

Tijerales, his first album, is inspired by traditional jazz and hard bop, finding in his march a porteño identity. Today he has his second work as a solist called “La Estación”. “Station”, inspired by stories and characters of the town where he was born. He mixes Modern Jazz with different instrumentations, incorporating, for example, a string quintet. It fuses, for urban music and different irregular metrics, which together manage to give a particular identity to his melodies.

In the year 2021 he releases his third album called “Vuelo Libre”. Recorded live at “Taller Blanco bar”.

He has also worked as a session musician for important national bands such as:

Ana Tijoux, Gepe, Inti Ilimani Histórico, Chancho en Piedra, Elisabeth Morris among others.

Currently he is about to release his fourth album recorded in 2022.

Model Nr.1 Bore: .500″ (12,7mm) Bell: 7,8″(19,5cm) Satin gold, nickel slide.