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Model Nr 5

This model #5 I am very proud of, because it was the first bass trombone with Rotax valves that Schmelzer made. It is a beautiful horn that is entirely gold plated and engraved. It has a velvety, round sound with a quick response. The valves are quiet and fast and the slide is quick and smooth.

Bass Tb nr. 5 Bore 0,562″ 9″ Bell Open Flow Gold Brass & Silver

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Modelo nº 5 XT Trombón bajo, Diámetro 0.562″, Campana 9.5″ .2 Válvulas radiales. Vara con 2 tudeles intercambiables. Incluye estuche de nuevo diseño.

Professional Advice. Please take up contact

For this recording we used the following trombone models:
Lead Trombone
2nd Trombone
Model Nr.1 Bore: .500″ (12,7mm) Bell: 7,8″ (19,5cm)
3rd Trombone
Model Nr.4 Bore: .547″ (13,8mm) Bell: 8,5″ (22cm)
4th Trombone
Model Nr.5 Bore: .562″ (13.8mm) : 9.5″ (25 cm)
Bass-Trombone, 2 valves, bore 0.562, Goldbrass 0.5″ Bell

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