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Carlos Castillo is a trumpet player, arranger and music producer based in Madrid – Spain. He was born in Venezuela, in the city of Coro, Falcón state.  – At the age of 5 he began his musical studies as a trumpet player at the conservatory belonging to the National and Children’s Orchestras System of Venezuela known worldwide as “EL SISTEMA”. He joined the concert band of Falcon state at the age of 15 and from that age he began to open his career in dance music bands of the state to later accompany national artists such as Servando y Florentino, Ronald Borjas, Nelson Arrieta among others. At the age of 22 he moved to the city of Bogota – Colombia where he made his musical life with orchestras of the city, accompanying the master Gilberto Santa Rosa, the gentleman of salsa from Puerto Rico and Osvaldo Roman, ex-member of Grupo Niche from Colombia. After 4 years in Colombia he travels to the city of Madrid where he also plays in orchestras in the area and becomes part of the band of the musical Tina Turner of Stage Entertainment until its completion and is currently part of the band of the musical Aladdin of the same company, in Spain he has also accompanied international artists such as Tito Nieves, Maelo Ruiz, Cheo Andujar, Puppy Santiago, Tony Vega, Charlie Aponte, Ray de la Paz, from Cuba to the great Alain Perez among others. He is currently one of the most active and sought-after trumpet players in Madrid and the trumpet leader of the brass section of the Vulkano Show, touring more than 100 concerts throughout Spain.
Top Modell Trumpet
Bore ML
Sterling Silver reverse leadpipe
In silver