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We would like to welcome our new CLIMING ARTIST to the SCHMELZER trombone family.

Strasbourg, France

Chilean trombonist began his studies in his high school wind band, before going to the the University of Chile’s National Conservatory of Music.  Moved to Europe (Italy, Netherlands, Spain and currently France) to continue his classical trombone studies, his last diploma being a master lead by the notorious soloist Nicolas Moutier from la Haute École des Arts du Rhin. Alongside his studies, he has played with several orchestras, including the Orchestra Nazionale Dei Conservatori Italiani, the Northern Nord Netherlands Trombone Ensemble, Teatro Olimpico of Vicenza, No limit orchestra, Opera du Rhin, and the Municipal Opera of Santiago. He has also worked with major figures in popular music (especially salsa), including Maelo Ruiz, Luisito Carrion, Ismael Miranda, Orquesta Mercado Negro, Ray Sepulveda, Tony Vega, Salserin, Renzo Padilla, Salsa kids, Wilson Manyoma, Pedro Arroyo, Lalo Rodriguez, Pedro Brull and Ismael Rivera Jr, among others.


Model 4 Tenor Trombone
•Bore 0,547″
•8,5 ” Bell Goldbrass
•Open flow valve
•3 leadpipes

Model Nr.5 Bass-Trombone
•Bore: .562″
•9,5″ (25 cm)Bell: 9,5″ (25 cm)
•2 axial valves, bore 0.562